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You’re Not A “Real Programmer”

Posted by Randolph Cabral on Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I recently met up with a fellow programmer buddy of mine who has been working for a software development group that has gone through several managers recently.  Each manager, varying in both development and management experience, had varying ideas on how to approach the requirements for a specific project.  Frequent turn over in management continued to complicate things.  Eventually, they found a manager that was willing to stick it out.  Unfortunately, his management style doesn’t exactly create a creative environment where developers can thrive. 

The group has been charged with converting an existing windows forms client application for the web.  After exhaustive research into which web technology platform they wanted to develop on the manager decided to go against the tide and force the group to implement the new web application in C++.  Any developer in the group who expressed a difference in opinion was quickly shut down with the manager hinting at the notion that “real programmers” code in C++.

I have no problem with C++, but given that the requirements call for a web application, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.  And what’s wrong with managed code anyway?  I guess only those who know how to manage resources manually are “real programmers”.  Many successful enterprise applications, both for the web and for windows, are written in Java or C#.  There are plenty of open source web development frameworks written for Java that increase productivity incredibly.  Similarly, ASP.NET with C# creates a powerful way to programatically access HTML controls. 

In other words, we have power tools now that help us with the construction process.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a valid and relevant use for the handsaw.  Building a house is not one of those uses.

One Response to “You’re Not A “Real Programmer””

  1. programmer said

    hi… i like your article. infact, i learned little things from it.
    a programmer knows everything on what to do. programmers also know what language are they going o use for that certain projects. you should not go on with what your manager told you. you are the one that knows everything when it comes to programming because you are the programmer in the business. and you have to give suggestions, its for the sake of the business. thanks for your post. have a nice day!!

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