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About Me

 My name is Randolph Cabral, and I am a Software Developer for AMB Property Corporation.  I have been writing enterprise software solutions for AMB since 2001 and look forward to many more years of service with one of the best companies I’ve had the fortune of working for. 

Prior to AMB, I consulted for several dot-com companies where I learned first-hand what an economic “bubble” was and what market volatility really meant for one’s career path.  Before all the dot-com frenzy, I worked as a code monkey for various companies such as Pacific Bell / SBC (now AT&T), Bank of America, and Diamond Multimedia Systems. 

My current language preference is C# (LINQ is awesome, thanks Anders!) with past experiences in C, C++, Perl, VB, and Java.  I also work with various web technologies such as JavaScript, AJAX, ASP.NET (and legacy ASP), Flash, Silverlight, HTML, XML, etc.

At this time, I’m working with a couple of other AMB developers on our O/R mapping solution we call Jammer.NET which we released as an open source project on CodePlex in August of 2007.  Our efforts are focused around replacing our current data access layer with LINQ to SQL while preserving the n-tier architecture afforded by the Jammer.NET assemblies.

When I’m not banging away on my keyboard, I enjoy building and flying model R/C airplanes (just got into this), bicycling, hiking, and motorsports.  One of these days, I hope to “earn my wings” and learn to fly light civilian aircraft.  Most of all, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and two boys.

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