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The Gallery

Friends, and co-workers of past and present, as well as family members, and yours truly keep finding really awesome stuff on the web.  Some of it funny, some of it not, but always entertaining in its own right.  I’m putting this page up to memorialize what we find for everyone to enjoy over and over again.

If you have a tasty nugget that you think belongs in this collection, please leave a comment along with accreditation at the bottom of this page so I can post for everyone to enjoy.

A Passion for Plumbing


I’d rather wear a hundred pieces of “flair”.


William Shatner Does Star Wars

Brilliant.  Simply brilliant.  Enjoy.


Have you ever tried to open a coconut? F*ck coconuts.

This image one was found on http://www.xkcd.com.  XKCD.com is an awesome site featuring the works of Randall Munroe.  What really made me laugh was the ALT text that popped up when I moused over the image.  It read, “Have you ever tried to open a coconut with a rock? F*ck coconuts.”


Project Management


Here’s a classic.  This one brings a tear to my eye every time I see it.  Not sure who to credit for this beautiful piece of art, but I can credit my buddy James for finding it on the web and sending it to me.  My favorite, of course, is the programmer box because that’s how we roll! 





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  1. hahahaha! hilarious!

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